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‘’A world freed from the scandal of poverty, where trade is just and people and communities can flourish’’

These are the words of Traidcraft’s vision statement – and what we at our church are contributing towards by using and selling their products. For more information on Traidcraft go to http://www.traidcraft.co.uk/ - see also statement following this introduction.


We are a fair trade church in a Fairtrade Town and committed to using fairly traded refreshments at all our meetings and events.

Alongside this we have a stall, stocking delicious food, cards, beautifully crafted jewellery and home accessories from Traidcraft.  

This provides farmers and suppliers with a decent price and working conditions for the goods that they produce.  

You will be able to buy from our stall after services on a Sunday or at the coffee fellowship on Wednesday mornings.  

Do come and see the lovely range we have on offer. 


A Message from Traidcraft

Smallholder farmers grow 70% of the world's food but make up half the world's hungriest people; and despite all their hard work, they struggle to feed their children or meet the families' most basic needs for food, healthcare and education.

 But with the right support, they can grow more, earn more and eat more – and gain skills that will benefit their whole community for years to come. We want to give them that support – simply to give them a fair chance.

And right now you have this fantastic opportunity to double our impact. UK Aid Match is a Government scheme which will match, pound for pound, the money our supporters raise for this appeal.

We are asking people to help us. Between January and April this year the UK Government is doubling our donations. Think what this will mean for smallholder farmers.

It's a great endorsement of our work by the Department for International Development – and just think of what we can achieve!



Droitwich Spa Fairtrade group first met in June 2005, to ensure continued commitment to its Fairtrade Town status, which was achieved in June 2007 . We are supported by the Town Council and Wychavon District Council . Our small, friendly group, hold  committee  meetings four times a year, engaging in the towns activities and lobbying shops, cafes, and restaurants to stock products with the Fairtrade mark . We work closely with Transitional towns at events and would welcome new members to join our group . http://www.droitwichspafairtardegroup.co.uk/ .




 A world freed from the scandal of poverty…… a message from Traidcraft


The news that world food prices are rising is a concern for everyone. For those who live in a developing country, volatility around food prices and trade isn’t just a concern. It can be the difference between surviving and flourishing, or even between life and death.


Traidcraft has been a leading organisation fighting poverty through trade for more than thirty years, seeking to establish greater trade justice, giving people and communities the means to realise their hopes and dreams.


You only need to look around the major players on the high street to see how successful we’ve been. Ethical products are now commonplace, a sign of just how much progress has been made in taking fair trade on to the high street.


So does it matter who’s selling Fairtrade coffee, tea and sugar so long as the farmers and producers get the benefit?




We matter. You matter. Because the job on trade justice simply isn’t done yet….

At Traidcraft, it’s about so much more than just product sales. We are different because:


We make long term commitments – so that our producers can build capacity, find new markets and gradually reduce their dependence on Traidcraft’s custom, building resilience.


We work with the most marginalised producers – groups which may not yet be able to compete with the bigger players but which have potential, fostering hope for the future.


We offer practical support – like giving training, sharing knowledge and helping producers organise into groups, building community confidence.


We pioneer new areas of fair and ethical trade – whether it’s the world’s first fair trade rubber gloves, or fair trade charcoal, we extend the benefits of trade by opening up new markets.


·        It’s about hopefulness, fruitfulness, about things growing.

·        It’s about greater dignity, reduced vulnerability, a living wage.

·        It’s about safety, security and hope for the future.

·        It’s about putting the world to rights.


We can only do that with your continuing commitment,

so for all your support we would like to say








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