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‘’A world freed from the scandal of poverty, where trade is just and people and communities can flourish’’

These are the words of Traidcraft’s vision statement – and what we at our church are contributing towards by using and selling their products. For more information on Traidcraft go to http://www.traidcraft.co.uk/ 


 Why buy Fairtrade?

The farmers in the developing world in most cases struggle to make a living and yet they are producing the food that we love to eat.  When Traidcraft becomes involved in supporting them, by paying higher but fairer prices for their goods, then life becomes much better for them.  By supporting Traidcraft, you, in turn will be supporting the farmers.

 Why buy from Traidcraft?

Because Traidcraft were the instigators of fairtrade over 40 years ago.  Because their entire range is always fair but also sustainable and organic where possible.  Because they are the first company in the UK to use entirely compostable packaging on all their chocolate range.  Something to think about with Easter coming up!

Please support the Traidcraft stall at church.  Thank you.

 Thank you for buying Traidcraft,  


We are a fair trade church in a Fairtrade Town and committed to using fairly traded refreshments at all our meetings and events.

Alongside this we have a stall, stocking delicious food, cards, beautifully crafted jewellery and home accessories from Traidcraft.  

This provides farmers and suppliers with a decent price and working conditions for the goods that they produce.  

You will be able to buy from our stall after services on a Sunday or at the coffee fellowship on Wednesday mornings.  

Do come and see the lovely range we have on offer. 



Droitwich Spa Fairtrade group first met in June 2005, to ensure continued commitment to its Fairtrade Town status, which was achieved in June 2007 . We are supported by the Town Council and Wychavon District Council . Our small, friendly group, hold  committee  meetings four times a year, engaging in the towns activities and lobbying shops, cafes, and restaurants to stock products with the Fairtrade mark . We work closely with Transitional towns at events and would welcome new members to join our group . http://www.droitwichspafairtrade.org.uk/ .










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