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‘’A world freed from the scandal of poverty, where trade is just and people and communities can flourish’’

These are the words of Traidcraft’s vision statement – and what we at our church are contributing towards by using and selling their products. For more information on Traidcraft go to http://www.traidcraft.co.uk/ 



I am sure you are all wanting to know the date of the Traidcraft Autumn Sale. We have decided on Saturday October 24th, much the same week as last year; the format will be pretty much the same too. Open at 10am with sales of craft etc. from the new Autumn catalogue, bargains and special offers to be had and also the tasty Fairtrade food. There is sure to be some samples to try!  We haven't decided yet but the soup lunch seems to go down pretty well so I guess we will have that too.


You all support this event brilliantly and  I am so grateful for that. What I would also love you to support is the Traidcraft stall on a regular basis. And here is why........


Traidcraft sent out a letter in July; I would like to share some of it with you.


“We placed an editorial in the press with a simple message – we are telling the Church and the wider community that we urgently need their help. We need them to help Traidcraft Fair Traders {that's me} because the world's poorest small scale farmers, struggling to feed and support their families, need Traidcraft's help.


It's the same message as when we first started our mission over 35 years ago– to practically apply the love and justice which lies at the heart of the Christian faith to international trade and so give the world's poorest farmers the opportunity to trade fairly and thrive.


There are two general misconceptions. The first is that the Fairtrade battle is won. Chocolate, tea, coffee and many more products with the familiar Fairtrade mark are stacked high on our supermarket shelves. Something that Traidcraft and our supporters can be proud to have helped bring about. Unfortunately, injustice in trade and its resultant poverty is as much of a scandal now as  it was 35 years ago, and right now we are still doing everything we can to tackle it directly.


The second misconception is that Traidcraft and Fairtrade are the same. They are not. Traidcraft is an independent trading company, with a linked development charity. We do not benefit from the sales of FT products in the supermarkets. Traidcraft trades with and supports the most vulnerable farmers and artisans {who could not compete with the demand or scale required by big business or the supermarkets} as well as running projects developing people's potential to trade their way out of poverty in their own countries.”


I know that some time ago you were encouraged to buy from supermarkets so that they would stock FT products; well, now they do. But for some considerable time I have also been urging you to buy from the Traidcraft stall, as T/C have seen their sales considerably decline, so their original pioneering mission is now under serious threat.


A continued and heartfelt thank you to those who buy regularly from the stall. To those who have yet to try, I say – give it a go, you may be surprised. Try to buy an item regularly from the stall and know that you will be helping some of the poorest farmers to feed their families.


But to finish off where I started, we look forward to seeing you on the 24th October. The new Autumn catalogues are now out and if you would like to have one to look through you will find them in the bookstand in the foyer or by the Traidcraft stall.  Happy Shopping!       


Maureen Hartridge.


We are a fair trade church in a Fairtrade Town and committed to using fairly traded refreshments at all our meetings and events.

Alongside this we have a stall, stocking delicious food, cards, beautifully crafted jewellery and home accessories from Traidcraft.  

This provides farmers and suppliers with a decent price and working conditions for the goods that they produce.  

You will be able to buy from our stall after services on a Sunday or at the coffee fellowship on Wednesday mornings.  

Do come and see the lovely range we have on offer. 



Droitwich Spa Fairtrade group first met in June 2005, to ensure continued commitment to its Fairtrade Town status, which was achieved in June 2007 . We are supported by the Town Council and Wychavon District Council . Our small, friendly group, hold  committee  meetings four times a year, engaging in the towns activities and lobbying shops, cafes, and restaurants to stock products with the Fairtrade mark . We work closely with Transitional towns at events and would welcome new members to join our group . http://www.droitwichspafairtardegroup.co.uk/ .









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