House Groups

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A number of House and Prayer Groups meet throughout the week.

Droitwich Spa Methodist Church

House & Prayer Groups

       House /Prayer Groups are a vital source of Christian growth and fellowship for many people in most churches.

Now would be a good time to join one of our varied groups.

 Here are details of what is available.

 The groups would be delighted to welcome new people on a regular or occasional basis.

 If you want more information please contact the Church Office

  'Ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find,knock and the door will be opened’ (Luke 11.9)


 “Day Time House Group” 

Wednesdays, Weekly 10.30am – noon. 

We start with a time of fellowship and refreshments followed by a short prayer. In our Bible Study session we use published study material (provided).  We currently use study material provided by the Vineyard Church.   We have studied various books of the bible, and topics such as  Prayer, Discipleship, Faith, Hope, Joy, Love and the Holy Spirit. All are welcome to join us as we learn more about Jesus and grow in our faith. The group is Christ centred and led by the Holy Spirit. We enjoy fellowship with each other as well as keeping each other on track as Christians. 

Thursday, Fortnightly  2.00 – 4.00 pm 

We are a small group of 8 people who come together for Bible study.  We start our meetings with prayer and then read together from many different versions the passage of scripture that we are going to study.  This is followed by listening to recorded material intended to explain the writer's teaching, whilst the accompanying questions provided with the study-kit apply his ideas to our contemporary situation which generates good discussion. Our afternoon ends with a time of fellowship.  In recent months we have looked at 1 Peter and Amos and have both benefited and been encouraged by our time together.   At the moment we are looking at Ephesians. 

“ Off the Wall House Group”          

 Wednesdays, 1st & 3rd of the month, 2.30 - 4.00pm 

The group comprises of 9 members at present, all of whom are at different stages of their faith journey. We currently base our studies on the Lectionary readings of the previous Sunday. We christened ourselves the “Off the Wall House Group” for a number of reasons. We do have a set agenda for each meeting but can veer right away from it when the mood takes us and it does, often.  A chance remark by a member of the Group will regularly set us off on a path which has no relevance to our text whatsoever.  Also, the fascinating thing about that is that we never know when that is going to happen.  No two meetings are ever the same, and this is one of the reasons our group is stimulating, exciting and challenging. Without exception we feel able to reveal our innermost thoughts and feelings with no sense of embarrassment or criticism. This is truly God’s therapy at work in a way which is impossible in church. I honestly feel that I only now truly understand Christ’s words:“ Wherever two or three people are gathered together in my name, there I am also” because that is exactly what happens when our House Group meets.... the Holy Spirit takes charge.  We leave spiritually nourished, our faith renewed and strengthened, better prepared to take on the challenges in our everyday lives.

Wednesdays, Fortnightly at 7.30 pm 

Currently we are a small group of women, varying between 4 and 7 of us. For approximately one hour we share concerns, personal, local and  national, as well as within our Church, bringing them before God in  prayer.  We usually meet in College Green though we are flexible if  the need arises. We would be delighted to welcome new participants or to pray for your concerns. 

Thursdays, Fortnightly between 7.30 and 9.00pm.

This House / Bible study group meets to study the Bible with the aid of additional study  materials (free!). In our discussions together we try to see how we should be applying what we learn to our daily lives. The meeting opens with prayer after a short time of sharing any news or concerns. We look forward to continuing to grow in faith and in fellowship together. There is a welcome given to any who are able to attend at this time of day on a regular basis or just for occasional meetings. 

Retreat in Daily Life (RIDL)

Thursdays 7.30 -9.00pm 

This is an ecumenical group that meet approximately every 5 or 6 weeks. We follow an Ignation style of prayer, so after a stilling time we have a scripture reading, read twice from two translations followed by a time of contemplative prayer. Then if we feel able, we share our thoughts on the reading without  comments by others. 

"Whenever two or three of you come together in my name, I am there with you" (Matthew 18:20).


First Tuesday of every month, in the Prayer Room of Amphlett House 8.00pm 

We are a small friendly group of ladies who meet for support, discussion and prayer.  We pray for concerns within our Church and families, as well as the wider community.  We share the responsibility for leading the group.  Dates and venues can be found on the Church notices.

Early Morning Prayer 

We meet on one day of each month in the Prayer Room of Amphlett House or in a member’s home, at an agreed time. All are welcome to come for as long or short a time as they are able. We have focussed on many themes, such as Africa, our church children and young people, as well as concerns at home and abroad.  We also remember those in special need of prayer, in sickness or bereavement for example. Do come and join us, or let us know your prayer requests. 

Ecumenical Prayer 

First and Third Wednesday of each month at the Baptist Church in town, from 10.30 am. to 11.30am 

This group is supported by members of different denominations and we pray about matters concerning our churches, town and beyond. The meetings start at 10.30am with some tea or coffee. After a time of prayer you are invited  to stay for some more refreshments  in the Baptist Church’s own Olive Branch Coffee Shop. Although members of other Churches tend to meet on the first Wednesday of each month the Baptist Church extends a welcome to people to come on the third Wednesday of each month too. 

 Prayer - We all need it!

Strengthen and deepen your faith...


  If you have any queries about the groups, please don’t hesitate to ask, via contacting the Church office Tel.  774188 / email:

  Details of these can be found on the Weekly Notice sheet or from contacting the Church Office.