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Minister's message

Dear friends

Warm greetings to you all. It is a privilege for me to write this message when the year begins to draw to a close and our preparations for Christmas take shape.

I could not put it better than to say that our time thus far here at Droitwich (from South Africa) has been good. Almost unbelievably for us- and maybe for some of you- we are now in our fourth month here. Though our memories of our arrival and early days here are vivid in our memories, it feels like it was quite some time ago. I suppose because, for us, there has been just so much going on in our lives in this brief period of time. Overall, as I’ve said, “it’s all good”.

We have been surprised by the extent of the Bonfire night and Remembrance Day celebrations over here- Bonfire Night given added impetus by the BBC’s timeous screening of the drama, “Gunpowder”. I felt emotional at the Droitwich Remembrance Parade witnessing the crowds gathered, the children of the Brownies, Cubs, Boy Scouts, Girl Guides, etc. on parade, amongst others, as those who have given their very all in the interests of peace were remembered.

Remembrance is a continuing theme as we now remember and celebrate God with us, Emanuel, unequivocally captured in the incarnation, the birth of Jesus the Christ. Beginning with Advent Sunday we travel through Advent, including various Carol services, towards Bethlehem and all that it has come to signify for us. It culminates in our Christ Masses (Eucharists, Communions) where we gather in worship and celebration of this catalytic truth, and express the heartfelt desire, “O holy Child of Bethlehem…Be born in us today”.

Until then, grace and peace be yours.


Rev. Gary Molver