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Minister's message

Dear family and friends of DSMC

Welcome to this Spring message. A very different spring to what Gail and I are used to. In South Africa, our September spring brings very warm, and still dry, weather- some days in Spring are actually hotter than a summer’s day. Rainfall from mid-October eventually brings some relief (and terrific thunderstorms!)

We are constantly reminded by the media of the many pressing issues facing the world today- they vary, but every context appears to have its own particular set of challenges. In the UK we have Brexit- dare I mention that word!, gender equality, housing, homelessness, terror, etc. South Africa has just witnessed the recalling of its President and the appointment of another. The Middle East, South America, America, Europe, Asia…you name it.

What of the Church? Many would say that it is “in crisis”-statistics confirm this of the Developed World Church (DSMC has been fortunate in sustaining itself over the last half-century -although, we have not kept apace local population growth). This context begs every local church ask of itself, “What is our growth plan?” (as opposed to survival or even death plan). What is our plan that will ensure our vitality and relevance? Accordingly, our DSMC Council recently appointed a team to discern and frame our DSMC future vision and mission. Prayerfully, supportively, watch this space.

From Lent, eagerly anticipated Holy Week and Easter will soon materialise, when once again we will remember and celebrate the mystery of the death and resurrection of Jesus the Christ.

Gail and I- passports willing! - will be visiting home after Easter for nearly three weeks

On our return, I leave for a further “import minister” induction week (goodbye April!).

Much love



Rev. Gary Molver