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Minister's message

Minister’s message: 


Dear friends in Christ

As the old 1930’s song by George Gershwin goes, “Summertime and the livin’ is easy….” Yes, it is summer- the season that we have all been waiting nine long months for! A very long confinement. But, it has arrived. So we had all better carefully and firmly take hold of it, draw it to ourselves and cherish it. For, as we know here in the UK it is not going to hold out for very long. Too soon, earth will once again be only summer-pregnant, with dark, wombful days.

So, yes, let’s get out there and enjoy the summer, live into the season as much as we are able, living fully such that we are delightful to God. For as the words of “Summertime” continue, "One of these mornin's you're gonna rise up singin', Then you'll spread your wings and you'll take to the sky”. Let our children and young adults, and all who work for their education and care, have a most wonderful break from learning. Let parents and grandparents find the easy livin’ of summer, whether travelling on holiday or staying at home. Let the elderly (and us all) savour the long, welcoming evenings.

And as we relax into the easy livin’ of summer, as we make time to playfully engage the season, I am sure that God will find us delightful, that we will bring joy to others, and that we will find ourselves replenished and rejuvenated so that we can tackle the new academic and Church year, the impending autumn and winter, and the fresh political landscape of a new Prime Minister, with confident, God-induced joy.

With Summertime blessings