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Minister's message

Rev Gary Molver

Dear Friends

So I have very recently arrived in England from South Africa together with my wife, Gail, and begun my tenure of pastoral oversight at Droitwich Methodist Church- we have now been here in England for almost five weeks and I started work on 1st September. So much change. So much that is new and different (not to mention the weather!). So much potential for growth. So much….

The dream to serve in the Methodist Church of Britain was conceived on our very first visit here in 2008 for our eldest son’s wedding- he had come over here for a two-year stint to discover the world, and then, met his wife here. The rest is history- save to say that the dream never faded, and two years ago now whilst enjoying a sabbatical I began enquiries which ultimately culminated in us being here today.

It has been a challenging, risky, exciting as well as apprehensive journey. The change-factor and the separation from our family that we have left behind in South Africa (a significant part of the change) have been our greatest difficulties. We have said goodbye to our four sons and daughters-in-law, and six precious grandchildren. However, though at times more painful than others, we are assured in our hearts that we are in sync with what and where Life takes us to at this particular time.  

And so, I am grateful to the Methodist Churches of Southern Africa and Britain for granting me this five-year on-transfer opportunity. It is a great privilege to serve God, the Church (Methodist & larger) and society as a whole here in England, and specifically Droitwich Spa. It is also a great privilege to gain this experience and growth-opportunity offered by a different culture, context and Church.

Our welcome to the Droitwich Methodist Church has been overwhelmingly warm, friendly and kind. We have been made to feel that we belong- despite our probably peculiar South African accents and quirks (never-mind our rugby and cricket teams!). We have also in general found the people of Droitwich town to be warm and amenable, especially in the banks, shops and public services. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this welcome.

My hope and prayer is that in some way and to whatever extent, I can make a contribution with the Spirit in the church and society in the continuing work of their becoming replicas of a God-space, a space or sphere, where God-life (as far as we have imagined it) prevails or holds sway. And, I believe, this is a space that any and every person would want to occupy, if not relish.

“Might your way of life materialise;   might God-life prevail in the world just as much as it does in the heart of God” (i.e. “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done….”).

Till next time


Rev. Gary Molver