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Minister's message

Minister’s message: 


Well, winter is upon us, days steadily becoming gloomier, colder, wetter, shorter; evenings dark and longer; homes more welcoming with their tantalising warmth; cravings for hot comforting food the more insatiable; an increasing sense of hibernating instinct as we burrow ourselves away deeply into the hearth of our homes. And, awaiting, anticipating, expecting the arrival of Christmas, the Star of the east, exploding into our “bleak midwinter”, shattering the gloom, illuminating the darkness, warming our cold hearts, breaking through the isolating winter chill, in a cacophonous eruption of human love and joy- “Peace on earth and goodwill to all people”.

Christmas. A time of opportunity unmatched by any other for God’s love to penetrate peoples’ lives. A time when people as a whole are in many respects already connecting with the God story, offering us a significant point of connectivity with our community as a whole. Christmas, connecting people of faith, of other faiths and of none. Christmas, a time when many and diverse communities are “singing from the same carol sheet”. Might this suggest to us that Christmas, the embryo of our faith, presents us with unique, opportunistic faith-sharing (and receiving) time.

Exactly how, I don’t know. But, what I do know is that at this time we with God just need to work the angles already in place to facilitate faith-igniting, faith-generating encounters! Our informal Coffee & Carols, recently redefined Community Carols service, Cribbing and Midnight Christmas Eve services… there are many unimposing ,non-threatening events that we can invite family, friends and neighbours to, and where faith may be born.

So, I write from the perspectives of encouragement and challenge, encouraging us to approach Christmas with a sense of anticipation and challenge, with the expectation of God - as in the birth of the Christ- breaking into the lives of others as we provide the scaffolding upon which God can work.

Wishing you and yours a blessed Christ Mass.

In God’s love