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Minister's message

Minister’s message:

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23 May 2020

Gary's Video Message 23 May 2020

A message from Gary

 Dear friends

In this time of lockdown much in our lives has not changed. We have been in lockdown, and to varying extents our pre-lockdown lives have been significantly curtailed and localized- for most in our homes.

It is then sometimes strange to think- or observe- that the world outside of human beings has continued, as it always does, in its natural rhythms, and changed. Business as usual, albeit slightly less polluted! Our farmers might be most likely to be in tune with these rhythms as they continue their routines of ploughing, sewing and harvesting. Nature goes on as usual- yesterday afternoon I noticed two swallows (I know two swallows do not a summer make) flying around above our garden.

I find this way of thinking fruitful, reminding me that life is so much more, so much more than my little world. This helps contextualise my experience. And it instills within me a sense of wonder and mystery.

I also find it comforting to realise that God and nature, as external realities, are immune to Covid. In as much as it cannot infect nature as such, nor God- nor love, nor joy, nor peace, nor patience, nor faith, nor any of the qualities of God, shared with us by God. Life will survive. Seasons will still come and go.

So, dear friends, take heart. This is a season that too will pass. And, it is a season in which God is with us.


Take care, be at peace, abide in God.

Much love.