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“In church” services have recommenced but all will continue to be streamed via YouTube and uploaded here on our YouTube channel for you to watch at a time convenient to you


No booking is required from 1 August - see latest information on Covid related procedures here


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Covid restrictions at church update

As has been the case throughout the Covid pandemic, our church’s Covid task group have reviewed the latest government regulations- in this case those coming into effect from today- alongside related Methodist Church guidelines.

The overall message of such guidelines is for us to make a cautious return to in-person church events. As such, with effect from 1st August (Sunday) we will be adopting the following cautious and gradual approach:

Our short-term focus will be to get our 10.30am service running smoothly again and so will be our single Sunday service at this stage

Our first Holy Communion service is planned for September

Persons displaying Covid-like symptoms will still be expected to self-isolate and therefore not to attend any in-person church events

It will no longer be necessary to book a place for Sunday services, however please bring a pen to sign in on arrival

Please as you are able use the NHS QR code for booking in at church- if you do not have the app you will still be able to sign in on paper

Mask wearing will no longer be mandatory, however many of us will still be wearing ours and ask you to please consider wearing yours, as we individually take responsibility for reducing the risk of virus transmission

Chairs in church will still have greater spaces between than pre-pandemic- we will have less rows with one metre distance between rows

We advise leaving a seat between family groups, creating safer space

SINGING in church will resume, cautiously and slowly- please be mindful of others who may find this threatening

Thank you for your cooperation in as far as possible ensuring a safe, Covid-free return to church. We look forward to meeting with you again!

Methodist Conference 2021

The Methodist Conference 2021 met in Birmingham from 24 June to 2 July. It made major decisions on Marriage and Relationships. Read the News Release. Following the vote, the President of Conference, Revd Sonia Hicks said: "The debate today and our wider conversation has been conducted with grace and mutual respect. As we move forward together after this historic day for our Church, we must remember to continue to hold each other in prayer, and to support each other respecting our differences”.

The following pastoral letter from the President and Vice-President has also been sent to local churches

We wished to take this opportunity to write to you after the Conference voted on the resolutions contained in the marriage and relationships report.

We very much appreciate that these decisions will stir up many different emotions for our siblings across the Connexion. There will be some who will be deeply hurt and others who will rejoice by what has been decided.

Our Presidential theme this year is God’s Table: An Invitation for All, and God’s invitation is for every single one of us. The Methodist Church has held tension for many years and as a Church and a family, we must do all we can to live with contradictory convictions.

This work was first reflected on back in 1992 and we have been on this journey together since that point. During the past years we have continued to listen to and to pray for each other and remaining true to what God is saying to us. We must remember in all this, to continue to hold each other in prayer, and to support each other as we find a way forward, respecting our differences.

It is perhaps helpful to remember that there are other issues, some of them discussed at the Conference, on which we hold differing and sometimes strong opinions. We live with them and we do not allow them to impair our communion with each other. We respect each other’s consciences, we exercise judgment in when to speak and when to be silent, and we hold one another in prayer. We do all this not for our own sake but for the sake of Christ and the sake of the world which urgently needs to know the power of Christ’s reconciling love.

Our prayer for you, beloved siblings, is that in joy or sorrow, in pain or excitement, we might continue to live within that reconciling love.

The Revd Sonia Hicks

President of the Conference

Mrs Barbara Easton

Vice-President of the Conference

If anyone want to talk to someone about this please contact the Church Office so this can be arranged.


· The daily record of Conference decisions can be found here.

· You can watch all public sessions of the Conference again here.

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· Listen to a prayer from the President of the Conference


We are starting back next Thursday 9th with 2 sessions 10-11.30am and 1-2.30pm.

We are also now able to serve drinks, so can adults please bring along a lidded travel cup if they would like a hot drink.

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