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A prayer from Nigel and Ruth Freeman-Powell

Heavenly Father,

We thank you for your love and care through this pandemic. Many of us have felt isolated and alone and missed the fellowship and support we normally have through worshipping you together with songs of joy.

This situation has given us an inkling of what it is like for Christians in places where they are persecuted. Their isolation has been made considerably more difficult by the pandemic. We thank you for the incredibly brave work of Christian organisations like Open Doors who try to encourage and support persecuted Christians in lots of different ways..

We thank you, Lord, for the increased use of online worship and social media channels to convey your love both in our country and to our persecuted brothers and sisters.

We pray for the partners of Open Doors who are trying to provide PPE to Christian nurses who, in some countries, are being deliberately overlooked in the distribution of protective equipment which they desperately need.

We pray for people in our own country who are facing economic hardship due to the pandemic but also for those in places like India, Bangladesh and Vietnam where Christians face discrimination when relief is being distributed by the government and where they are told: " The government is not responsible for your families!" We pray that Open Doors' partners are able to find ways to provide food packs and aid to these families and to somehow get food through to the starving people of North Korea.

And Lord, we pray for all displaced peoples and especially Christians often living in crowded refugee camps where the virus could spread rapidly. We pray for your protection and provision.

We thank you, Father, for the wonderful news that Sudan now plans to scrap the apostasy law, under which those leaving Islam are sentenced to death, and they intend now to ban flogging. We pray that this will actually come into law and that there will not be a backlash against Christians. We thank you, Lord, that this is an answer to prayer and encourages us to keep praying.

We bring before you the work of Open Doors and its partners and similar organisations who are trying to bring your love, compassion and practical aid to our fellow brothers and sisters who face discrimination and persecution. We ask that you will show us what we can do to help.

Through Christ our loving Saviour who cares for each individual person.


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